FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe

FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe

FileOpen Systems provides plugins for Adobe Acrobat™ and Adobe Reader™
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  • Will this reader enable opening PDF files in OpenOffice?
    No, the plugin allows Adobe applications to open files and documents that have been encrypted with the FileOpen application. This is also specified on the official website of the developers. You need an extension for OpenOffice suite to be able to open a PDF file. The extension's name is PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice and it's available for download from the Extensions page at OpenOffice website.


FileOpen Systems provides plugins for Adobe Acrobat™ and Adobe Reader™. These plugins perform decryption of PDF files encrypted using our software. The plugins are available for several platforms and may be installed in a variety of ways.

FileOpen's DRM tools have been adopted by a number of large corporations for both internal and external document protection. Thanks to the FileOpen software's streamlined architecture and compatibility with the ubiquitous Adobe Reader, it has become the solution of choice for IT environments that are often hostile to unknown applications and document formats.

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